Saturday 5 August 2023

Recapping Rangers

 Today, a bunch of Kitchener Rangers cards and alumni cards. 

Here's some direct ones. Pinelli is probably the only one that is going to get post-OHL cards of this threesome. 

Progressing up the ladder to the NHL, Greg Meireles' content in the collection triples with this pair of cards. The only other card I had of his was one from the autographed album Dennis/TMV forwarded on to me a couple years back. Great logo for the Manitoba Moose as well.
The volume battle goes to Riley Damiani this time with these 4 cards. He didn't play a game in the NHL last season, so I'll probably be waiting for more NHL ones. But some AHL stuff is just fine, and of course those count towards the collection just like all the others. 
Best photo in the post naturally goes to a canvas card. 
It looks like I'll be doubling up on Dominik Kubalik cards this season, following his trade to the Senators in the DeBrincat deal. While there is a surprising amount of overlap between my Sens collection and my 2/14 collection, the volume isn't there as much for Rangers alum. Andre Benoit! Darren Rumble! Mikkel Boedker! The latter was on the downside of his career at the time, so it really will be nice to get a nice name for the overlap. 

Even better, the other player in the deal heading to Ottawa, Donovan Sebrango, is also an alum! WOO-HOO!

And there you have it!

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