Monday 7 August 2023

2023 Adventures in Repacks - Part 23 - Hat Trick


That means three repacks from the Dollarama. The only criteria I had as to which ones to purchase was that they didn't have a flagship card as the visible one on the front.

Going left-to-right, what was behind the DeBrincat?
Starting off with a Gretzky appearance is a perfect way! It might be a boring award-ceremony photo from an overproduced set, but at least it is the Canadian version with the red 'Score'. Jordan Binnington provides some pretty quick turnaround with a card from this year's flagship.
Another HOFer! And short of doing something absolutely horrid between now and his eligibility, Zdeno Chara will make it two in this group. You also get a bonus look at the Mike Boddy patch, a rare interesting photo on a 21-22 flagship card. On a checklist, nonetheless! 
All the way back to 12-13 for the visible card on the other side. The design really works with the photo nicely to create a 'follow the bouncing puck' vibe.

What was behind the Rakell?
No Gretzky there, but there is a Kitchener Rangers alum with that Coffey. Amazingly, it looks to be a need for that collection. UD is fortunate that Jeff Petry returned the Habs this past weekend as part of the 3-team Erik Karlsson deal so they can recycle his photos! 
This repack really liked that blur motion effect. 
If I'm still alive and coherent enough to be buying repacks in 30 years, I'll probably be pulling 21-22 UD with the same rate I pull 1990 Score/Bowman cards in these.

Finally, behind the Perron.
Sure, they might be several million of them out there, but I still would have thought that finding that Brodeur card in a  dollar store repack would have had extremely long odds. Some of the corners are a little dinged, but it is still in really good shape for a card from this source. When it overshadows a Gretzky, that's a memorable repack find. I'm fairly certain that Blackwell is the first Seattle Kraken card I've landed from one of these as well.
Everything else in this repack had zero chance to be noteworthy at this point.

With the Brodeur, Coffey and Gretzky content, this makes a rare repack post where 1990 Score takes the top 4 spots.

There you have it!

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  1. Nice Brodeur pull! And speaking of overproduced 90-91 cards... I always loved those Pro Set Team logo/fact cards. I learned a lot of hockey history from those things, and they still look awesome.