Thursday 24 August 2023

2023 Adventures in Repacks - Part 24 - Another Hat Trick

 That means another three hockey repacks, These ones, to be exact:

There different types too! I'll use the usual L-R show-off method.

Here's what's in the Surprise Bag. All cards this time!
Not too bad for an AHL pack. I can't hate anything that contains a mascot card. Nylander is also a SP.
As expected, the HOFer card in that pack was a junk wax card. So, the most interesting card in here goes to a player I had no memory of aside from cards - Jason Bowen.
With the dupe status yet to be determined, all three are mask binder candidates. The subtlety of the Puppa is my favourite here, even if the blue lightning bolts don't really stand out too much on the black background of the rest of the mask. 
What's behind that Zajac in the hanger w/ a hit?
We've got a Kitchener Rangers alum in that card of Logan Stanley, although that has to be a dupe. The Verdun College Francais, the team on the Jeannot Ferland card is going to likely be the most obscure team in these repacks. The Chad Kilger is a card that looks like a parallel, and somewhat surprising for a Classic release from the 90s, actually is - a gold version.
There's a more recent gold parallel. You can't go wrong getting one of a HOFer. 
The hit? But who is Mark Flood. He spent a grand total of 6 games with the Islanders, more with the Jets, before heading overseas. So, I highly doubt this swatch is game-worn as the back of the card claims. But I love obscurity in my collection, so I like this hit.
Just not as much as I like that Sean Hill card. That card was one I didn't already have in my 2/14 collection. That's an easy way to become my favourite card in the break. 
Ending on your typical boring 21-22 UD base card.
A bonus on the visible card on the 12-pack is that it is a 'traded' card. He'd get a proper Raiders card the following year.
Aside from the Kane card - pretty meh after the opener.
At least there's a Rangers alum in this bunch, but like with the Logan Stanley, that Barber has to be a dupe.
But at least the final card is from a mid-range set.

Not the most exciting finale, but if I land a new 2/14 card, that's a nice break for me. 

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