Thursday 31 August 2023

2/14s from Michigan


Another return to the TMV mailbag, and the  2/14 content, which was exclusively-gridiron related. Such as that Steve McNair opener. Another "my binders, my rules" quirk is that cards such as this, which specify a limited run but aren't serial numbered, don't get put in the hits/numbered collection. 

Volume wise, the king of this portion of the package was Drew Bledsoe - with his numbers in the collection slowly moving towards the 200 mark at 173. Maybe by 2025?
Jim Kelly remains at the top of the football portion with 239 current cards. This is a numbered base card out of something called TX Exclusive. Veterans were unnumbered, with retired players at /1099 and the rookies varying based on how highly thought of they were considered. The lower end ones were /1049, with the more hyped ones at /399. 

With a name like that, you'd think a set like that would be like Leaf/O-Pee-Chee baseball in the 80s, with a focus on the hometown teams. But it didn't seem too Dallas/Houston intensive.
So, the unexpected lack of Houston cards in one set segues into a printing plate that can produce a Houston card several years later. That's Jadeveon Clowney among the yellow on this plate. He's recently signed with Baltimore, but I'm left to hope that someone will provide me with cards of his to chase there. 
This is supposedly a gold parallel, even though it looks more like a rather unappealing shade of green. 
Another plate to end this! I already have the black version of this plate (I assume from a previous Dennis mailer), so now I'm halfway there! Do you have the cyan or the yellow? Hook me up! 

There you have it! 

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