Saturday 12 August 2023

Hobby Pack Miscellany

 4 packs. 3 sports. I didn't recall seeing any basketball stuff, so I went for a pack of Archives to make things even.

As I always do, I'll go clockwise from the top left. I don't think I've busted any Series 1 - let's go right to Series 2!

First card out was this interesting photo. That's how I like to start these!
Make an alternate uni photo even more interesting my making it a Cancon card as well. 
My goodness were there a lot of Photoshop specials in this pack. At least they gave some variety to the Phillies' uniforms in these. And I'm amused they couldn't be arsed to change the White Sox uniforms behind Harrison.
The only insert/parallel in the pack is a pretty nice one. This Memorial Day camo parallel is numbered to 25, and assuming I've read the odds correctly, these fall at a rate 1:1396 for the regular-sized hobby packs. Of course, as usual, I land a card that another blogger would appreciate not long after sending a package their way. At least I've got something nice when the next one heads out.

I'll highlight the entirety of the rest of the packs.
Only 3 base cards in a pack advertising 8? Looks like I'm getting an insert.
That gold parallel probably isn't it. These were /50 in previous releases. Here, they're just generic parallels. 
If I'm going to get shorted on cards, it is a card like this that makes it worthwhile. Numbered, with a nice thick two-colour patch. And a hit for the Tiger-Cats as well! Even better! One pack - one Ticats hit! 

I should probably quit while I'm ahead instead of doing what I'm probably going to do - order some boxes.
Nothing but base in the Archives pack. But at least I get a Jays card. 
As for Ice - no major inserts, but a couple nice colourful parallels. Green parallels are the most common of the bunch, showing up 1 in every 1.5 packs. Lavenders are a lot less common 1:18 for base cards, but rookies such as the Hardman are 1:36 packs. And the base rookie of Zegras is still a pretty nice one to get. 

Anytime I pack-pull a PC hit is a good break!