Tuesday 2 February 2021

E-Pack Champions

In lockdown mode and with fewer trips to the LCS being made, I'd done a few more e-packs than I should be willing to admit. Mostly hockey when it came to this stuff, but I'd grabbed a couple Goodwin Champions packs as well. 

Why? Why not? Who wouldn't want a chance at a Ken Jennings autograph?

Which I didn't get. 

But I did get a Michael Jordan card, and even in e-pack form, it is still fun to pull a Jordan from a product. This is an e-pack variation, and it seems a little rare based on the fact there aren't dozens and dozens of these available on the secondary market through COMC. 
And let's add in a card of the most recent #1 draft pick as well. This is from the Splash of Colour portion of the main set. 

For 2 packs, that's a pretty good number of transferable cards. But I did get one more, and these do appear to be pretty rare - listed at 1:1920 packs.

At 20 packs per box, 16 boxes per case, that's about 1 every 3 cases, both in epack and hobby pack form.

Or, more accurately, an Aesop's Fables Dual Sketch Booklet. 
Here's the back of the booklet - and a rare instance where the story appears entirely on the back cover of a book, along with the artist's autograph and the 1/1 text. Outside of 2/14 cards, this might have been the non-sports card I've been most looking forward to having in hand, and it really does feel like a special card. I'll very likely looking for a book specific case in the near future.

And there you have it! I'll be hitting some hockey content next post, including both e-pack acquisitions and cards I got "because they were cheap on COMC".

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  1. That's a cool booklet. I had no idea they were doing them.