Sunday 14 February 2021

Annual 2/14 Post

Another year, another bunch of new 2/14 cards added to the ol' collection. As with every year, I'm doing a Top 10 countdown of cards that I both added to my collection in the past year and also hit the market in the past year. Whether I pack pulled a card, got it through a trade, or landed it through a group break, these were the new cards I added.

Honourable Mention:

That 2021 Evan White I showed yesterday? 2/14 baby Larry Milbourne gets acknowledged on the back of the card for his spot in Mariners team history.

And to start the Top 10 proper.


This is the first of a trio of autographed cards from a Contenders release, all of which feature a new name that joined the collection this year. Williams gets the bottom slot based on signature quality. He was undrafted, but signed with the Eagles.


A little more legible signature for this Packers draft pick.

This one makes it in by the narrowest of margins, as the most recent (final?) MST3K set arrived on Friday. It primarily honours the shorts featured during the show's time. That's Ray "Crash" Corrigan in the back there, and he's now making his second appearance in the collection. "It's the Undersea Kingdom, for You and for Me!"

The required Jim Kelly appearance on this list.


There were several contenders for the best Ehlerse card of the year. While his 2019-20 S2 Canvas card featured a great photo from an outdoor game, complete with snow flying, there's something special about pulling a card yourself from a pack that's a perfect addition to a PC. I got this black retro /100 of Ehlers when doing the set build during my hiatus.

You know the top 5 is going to be good when a 1/1 plate gets the fifth spot. This is the first of two cards to arrive in a trade, showing up in a Too Many Verlanders mailer.


While this RPA of Ryan MacInnis is a really nice addition to my 2.14 collection, it would also be a nice addition to my Kitchener Rangers alum collection. Not only is he a Rangers alum, he's the son of another Rangers alum in Al MacInnis.. And he's not even the only person in this top 10 that could make their way into multiple PCs.


How about a Blue Jays card as well? This is the second trade card here, arriving in an envelope from the Night Owl. Moreno debuted in 2019 Panini Elite Extra Edition, but got licensed cards last year in both Pro Debut and Bowman Chrome, and this specifically comes from the Bowman Mega Boxes. At least Tyler Clippard now has company with Jays content.


I didn't think that anything would be able to knock this out of the top spot when I landed it. So much to like here. On-card auto, a four-colour swatch, and it also commemorates a rare moment in NHL history with Gaborik scoring 5 times.  Yes, this is really nice. But...


That's Terrific Bass! A Bills card gets the number one spot this year. Not only does this hit the sweet spot of my collection, as this was also the first appearance period for Tyler Bass in either my Bills or 2/14 PC, but it also hits one of my favourite obscurities of being an autograph for a kicker. This position rarely gets any love in modern releases, so I was psyched when I saw him on the checklist for the Contenders release. My group break slot landed me an on-card, SP variant Jake Fromm auto, but my favourite card was a given. And he had a pretty good rookie season for a kicker. Thankfully, when he imploded in the playoff game against Baltimore, Justin Tucker was there to match the bad day.

And there's the top 10! This year's list was really improved by all the new football players, so with it looking sparse again for baseball and basketball for the next year, hopefully I'll be able to find 10 new cards again.

There you have it!