Saturday 20 February 2021

2021 Series 1 Jumbo Break - Packs 5 and 6

Two more packs!

Pack 5:
The photographic war in this pack, and this post, gives a really easy nod to Tyler Stephenson casually blowing a bubble while chasing down a pop fly. With that reaction to it, I hope he caught it.
But boy, this Josh Harrison makes an amazing attempt at the top spot. The helmet flying towards the camera almost gives this card a 3D effect. 

There's some interesting collation when it comes to the inserts, with both of the Phillies cards featuring the blue uniforms - one a throwback uniform, one a throwback photo.

Blue Jays content on the '86 insert.
And another 1986 insert provides the relic in the box. This is already set aside for yet another Cards on Cards mailer.

Pack 6:
A rather blah pack for base cards, but at least I snagged me a Polar Bear!

For the second time in the box, a card where I really liked the photograph makes a second appearance in parallel form. First the Lewis Brinson, now the Dansby Swanson. 

And your final batch of inserts. Those older Diamondbacks colours look really nice in the 2018 design.

There you have it!


  1. I have no idea what makes that a polar bear card. I even blew up the image to get a closer look at it.

    A Yadier patch is good. Luis Robert in a throwback uni is good. As is the Stephenson photo.

    They'll probably release binder pocket sheets for ho cards the day after I die.

    1. I think that's referring to Alonso's nickname, not a variation.

  2. I love those White Sox throwback uniforms.

  3. Kerry's gonna be happy with that Yadi!