Tuesday 21 January 2020

Trilogy Box Break

I hinted at this in the previous post. The box of the new Trilogy release was my actual goal while in the LCS, I just happened to get an Alshon Jeffery base card to go along with it.
I like the box design. I just wish they'd also varied the Gretzky photos used on the packaging - they only had the Kings photo.

Pack 1:
This continues the tradition of not getting 4 cards if you get a relic card. It looks like I lacked the regular base card in this. The Jones is technically a base card. There are three levels for those, with this being the middle level.

Pack 2:
There's some more base cards. And that Olofsson is an example of the least common, Level 3, base rookie. Olofsson cooled down a bit after a hot start to the season, much like the Sabres themselves. But that's still one of the better rookies in the product.

Pack 3:
A rather bland pack highlighted by a Sens card.

Pack 4:
I know a collector in Ann Arbor that will like that Hughes insert. I landed all 3 Levels worth of rookie cards in the box, with that being the most common of them. The closer the cropping, the rarer the cards.

Pack 5:
Only 3 cards? Bring on another hit!
And another card bound for Ann Arbor.  If you can't pull a hit for yourself, you might as well pull a nice one for a trade partner's PC. And this is a pretty nice one, with it being SPd to a hand numbered 19. The most common puck autos are blank pucks, with the logoed ones being much rarer. It probably loses something by being a Jets card in a 2019 release considering how he departed the team, but I know this will still be given a good home.

Pack 6:
And at least there's a hit for one of my PCs.

There you have it!

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  1. I'm a big fan of Trilogy Signature Pucks. Solid autograph design year in and year out.