Wednesday 22 January 2020

2020 Adventures in Repacks: Part 2 - The First Wally World Repack

16 packs start my pack-busting repack fun. These packs were contained within:

2009 Upper Deck S2 * 3
2011 Score
2012 Score * 8
2015 Upper Deck S2
2016 Upper Deck S1
2016 Upper Deck S2
2017 Upper Deck S1

It looks like half of the packs being 2012 Score are a given. I'll start with these.
Here's the inserts and rookies. Only 2 of these players have played a game in the NHL this season, Barrie and Hutchinson, both as Leafs.
And the 1-per-pack gold parallels. Of these, only Komisarek and Zetterberg were needs for my "Don't build the parallel set, you fucking loon" set build. At least the Landeskog can go in the Rangers alum binder.

As for the rest, I'll go through them chronologically.
A casual, but still celebratory, Steve Staios wins the photographic war in the packs of 2010.
I can also bring out the 'ladies' label once I get to the inserts.
These also brought me the big pull of the repack, with one of the better YG cards that you can land in these packs. Brad Marchand, John Carlson, Logan Couture and Devan Dubnyk can also be found here.
Instead of gold parallels one per pack, with 2011 there were glossy ones.  And another rookie that vanished from the league pretty quickly.
Not much of note in the '15 pack. So, here's a more recent card of Holtby than the YG.
2016 S1 was just base, so I'll just post the most interesting photo in it. As with 2010, it was a celebration card.
At least there was an insert in S2.
And it ends with another Young Gun, accompanied with a nice card for the mask binder as well.

The Holtby sure saved this repack!

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