Wednesday 15 January 2020

Finally Flawless

As in, I've finally got a card from Panini's super-high-end Flawless in my collection.
Despite being a fairly obvious choice for inclusion in products like Archives, or in World Series themed subsets, Joe has been absent from Topps products, not counting Rediscover buybacks, for about 15 years now. Which basically gives me the choice of either paying an absurd amount for an older card, or not caring about licensing and buying something from Panini.

I think I made the right choice.
The back does describe his most famous home run, so at least I've got that to go along with it.

Joe's penmanship? Also flawless.


  1. It's been long enough Topps. It's time to add Carter to your Archives Fan Favorites checklist in 2020.

  2. That's a lovely card despite being a Panini.