Wednesday 30 October 2019

Prospecting (with Heroes) - Part 3

I still have the 50 card update set to show off, which is 151 through 200 of the base set. As with the packs, I'll just hit my personal highlights.
#151 - Mark Olver - This starts off the set. In a nice surprise, the set was pre-collated in the box.
#153 - Bill Sweatt - I guess I should at least highlight the card of a guy named Sweatt.
#155 - Colin Greening - Sens content!
#157 - Bobby Butler - More Sens content!
#165 & #166 - Gabriel Bourque/Jake Allen - I like that these are next to each other to compare and contrast the nautical logos.
#169 - Ryan Strome - What can I say? I'm amused that the jersey-wearing dog on the logo also sports the crossed bones logo on the shoulder like the player.
#175 - Jordan Binnington - It took up until about 6 months ago, but this is likely the big card out of this set at this point.
#182 - David Honzik - The ever-popular mask design of the creature that is the team's logo devouring the face of the goaltender.
#193 - Mark McNeill - An alternate jersey.
#197 - Reece Scarlett - If I didn't see this card, I wouldn't have thought there was a person out there named Reece Scarlett. It just seems like the name of a character in an erotic thriller that is neither.
#198 - Morgan Rielly - Prior to Binnington's rise, this was probably the big base card in this set.
#199 & 200 - Eric Lindros & Theo Fleury - And you can't have a H&P set without a couple heroes.
And the relic? Impressively for a prospect themed set, he's still in the league almost 9 years after the set's release.
The same can be said for the player featured on the autograph. I've said this before about ITG, but they really did a wonderful job in making the sticker seem like it was part of the design instead of just a last-minute decistion.

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