Friday 4 October 2019

Even More Chronicles Group Break Goodies - Part 1 - Mets + More

Have I mentioned I love Chronicles?

I have? OK. So here's some more stuff from group break randoms of the stuff. I picked up 4 slots in a team random of it, and ended up with the Mets slot yet again. I also got Houston, Milwaukee and a combo spot of Arizona/Cleveland. Two of them worked out very well, one nicely, and one not-so-nicely. I'll open with the latter two, and cover the others on the weekend.

Today, the means the Mets and the Combo spot.
A combo spot was very good to me last time, landing me a sweet (sticker)autographed plate. This time it wasn't so good, but Obsidian was among my favourite sets featured in Chronicles. So I won't complain about 3 new ones being part of those acquired.
Obsidian goodness continued over to the Mets spot, as it was among the new cards of DeGrom I picked up. I'm not going to highlight all the Mets I got, since there was a lot of dupes from the first post. But DeGrom didn't get duped up.
I found Nimmo! And I found him on a first-one-stamped ebay 1/1!

But Mets and Chronicles means Pete Alonso. And I got a lot of the Polar Bear. There were a good number of dupes, but I still got a couple new ones.
Such as these.
And this. This is easily the big card in today's post, with all the red roil and the numbering. It is numbered to fewer home runs than he hit this past season, so that's pretty nice.

And there you have it! I'm saving the best for last with this, so that probably means the Brewers are up tomorrow.

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