Wednesday 9 October 2019

A post for the Coulrophobic

After yesterday's very Clowney post, here's one with no Jadeveon, but still featuring a bunch of 2/14 binder newness.
Here's the only new member of this collection. Although the only place I can find him listed as a 2/14 baby is tradingcarddb, that's enough for me!
This sticker of Herman Hunter sitting on the bench for the Eagles will be happy alongside all the cards of him sitting on the bench for the Lions.
I actually had a significant wait until this Barker card was available for cheaper than the parallel with an autograph.
There is a position designation you don't see on cards anymore. Special Teams. Mainly because they don't get cards anymore.
Here's a couple solid 1980s football card designs. That might be influenced by how perfectly the 1986 green borders work with Jets team colours.
Jim Kelly was, as usual, the star of the 2/14 portion of the mailer. Any card featuring him counts, including those tainted by the appearance of a QB that made me nostalgic for J.P. Losman.
Drawn card! This definitely counts as a "How did I not already have this card?" card.
If I can pick up a numbered parallel cheaply, then why not? This is an emerald parallel from Topps last go-around with Triple Threads as a football product.
Appropriately, I added 12 new Jim Kelly cards to my collection with the mailer. That SP Authentic card in the upper corner really looks like something from a higher end set than SP Authentic.

And there you have it! I'll be switching over to basketball in the next post.


  1. You've got to have a pretty nice Kelly collection at this point. I think I have one or two cool ones to send you eventually.

    Also, do you have any cards of Derrick Withoutherspoon?

    1. All his cards are from 1997, and I've also got his Stadium Club, Invincible, and UD3 card.