Monday 7 October 2019

Masked Monday

I haven't done an official Masked Mondays in years, but just felt like doing so today. And not because my COMC to-be-posted box is starting to get a little more crowded than I'd like.
I'm going overseas to start this post off, and am doing so with a card from the KHL. Nikita didn't have the most illustrious career, with 3 years on and a single sentence on wikipedia to show for it. But he does have a pretty great mask to show for it.
You even get a write-up about the mask on the back of the card, and it is translated into English as well. I wonder if Russian collectors learn English like I learned French - from the back of hockey cards.
I had to rely on Compendium to land me a card of Malcolm Subban's mask featuring the Vegas strip.
As well as Connor Hellebuyck's mask that featured (former?) teammate Dustin Byfuglien enjoying some ice fishing.
So, this was what the Flying V would look like if it was transferred to a mask, and flipped.
Another simple design, but less is more here with a perfect use of the Blues logo. Throw in a bonus autograph as well!
Ending this post with a complete obscurity. Alves is the equipment manager for the Hurricanes, and he got to play the last portion of a game. His mask was self-painted, and decorated with caricatures of some of his fellow equipment managers.
And here's a little more of the story. This card was available at hobby shops in North Carolina, but fortunately a few made their way to COMC.

There you have it!

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