Thursday 10 October 2019

2/14 Basketball

I'm switching sports today, but staying with the 2/14 theme as I highlight some basketball additions.
My first ABA card in the collection! WOO-HOO! I'm a little torn on the photograph, since it doesn't provide a really good look at the jersey design, but it does provide a nice look at the red, white and blue basketball.
There was actual vintage to start, and here's some faux-vintage. This is also the only appearance for the leader of the basketball collection in this post.
In terms of hits/numbered cards, it was Byron/BJ Mullens that lead the way with 3 cards. Here's a numbered base card that is out of 999.
A parallel.
And a numbered parallel with a sticker autograph attached to it. Although it is an initials only autograph, at least there's some style to it.

And here's your big winner in terms of volume - Tyus Edney with 4 cards, or 3 and a third cards in the collection. I do like that I got both of his NBA teams among the cards. I can also sorta tie this in with my Raptors collection, as O'Bannon was their rumoured first draft pick. In a rare wise managerial move, Isiah Thomas drafted Damon Stoudamire instead.

There you have it. More hoops tomorrow with the rest of the basketball content in the box.

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