Sunday 4 February 2018

Not Just Series 1

In addition to the Series 1 hobby packs I busted yesterday, I also grabbed a pack of the new Status basketball release.
I wonder if all this packaging that happens to feature Lonzo Ball is going to look as bad an idea in a couple of years as all the 2014 packaging with Johnny Manziel on it.
First out is Steven Adams. I do like the mishmash of colours and patters on the background on the base cards. With the white, they give a 1991 Skybox vibe.
The rest of the base, with a couple of good names in this in Wall and Giannis.
The one insert is a pretty good one for me. While it features the heart of the defensive beasts that were the mid 00's Detroit Pistons, the easy highlight for me is that Richard Hamilton is right in the middle of this. Looks like I'll have at least one new 2/14 basketball card from the 2017-18 releases.

And there you go!

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