Tuesday, 20 February 2018

A Mets Plank Walking

Envelope time! As the title indicates, this time it is an envelope from Matt @ Bob Walk the Plank.
A pair of swatches start this quality, not quantity envelope. I'm really surprised by the amount of Glavine relics there are that feature him on the Mets as opposed to the Braves. While there are more Atlanta ones, there really isn't the large gap that one might expect. I won't complain about any chance to fatten my Mets collection.
3 swatches. 2 pinstripes. Perfect!
A perfect way to end this is with three more swatches, but this time accompanied with an on-card autograph. It isn't the most legible auto, but it is a pretty unique looking one at least. I could say this about pretty much their entire starting rotation, but I'll be happy if Matz simply stays healthy for the 2018 season.

And there you have an envelope!


  1. Matt has been droppin' bombs! Nice cards.

  2. Don't send me anything else until I can hit you back one more time. I've been a little slow in accumulating. Wanted to get you something as a thank you for holding back all the WVU cards from your case break.