Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Having a Blaster

With Heritage dropping today, it does seem like the ideal time to bust what will likely be my last sampling of Series 1, and this blaster of it. With mailers starting to show up, I probably should clear out some of the 'to be posted' stuff.
First base card? A Yankee. Perfect.
The only parallel? Ditto!
But at least I landed one Jays card. One tiny, measly little Jays card. One blaster and some hobby packs has landed me 1 card of a Toronto Blue Jay. Such is the luck
But at least I landed 4 new Mets cards.
Best photo of the pack easily goes to Eric Hosmer channeling his inner Hulkster.
Mets love continued with the inserts, and Tom Seaver making an appearance among the 'Salute' cards.
Some 83s.
And the manufactured patch card. At least one of the Cubbies fans I regularly trade with will find this in their mailbox at some point.

And there you have it. I guess I'd call this an average blaster. Nothing major, but nothing blah either.

1 comment:

  1. I guess it's a good thing you have two teams to collect. The 83 inserts are nice-much better than the 87s have been.

    Is the Hosmer one of those photo variation SPs that Topps seems to be making more of each year?