Sunday, 4 February 2018

Join the Club

Larry Seiple (Dolphins VII & VIII)
George Hegamin (Cowboys XXX)
Jeff Dellenbach (Packers XXXI)
Drew Bledsoe (Patriots XXXVI),
Anthony Wright/Jared Lorenzen (Giants XLII)
Justin Harrell (Packers XLV)

and now,
Alshon Jeffery (Eagles LII) joins the list of 2/14 babies to get Super Bowl rings. And this is as good a time as any to show my favourite card of his, from 2015 Topps Fire's Into the Wild subset.
And here's a bunch more of my favourites, with that plate I posted days ago still being my only Eagles card of his.

2013 Archives, 2016 Donruss, 2015 Topps National Convention Allen & Ginter die-cut, 2015 Topps 60th Anniversary Wal-Mart Blue parallel, 2017 XR 1/1 Black Plate, 2015 Clear Vision, 2012 Gridiron /49, 2015 Platinum, 2015 Fire Green Parallel /199

For those keeping track of such things. Thankfully after that 1st Qtr catch, I've already got my first auto of his on the way in my COMC mailer.


  1. That card is glorious! I'd never seen that one before - looks like I have something to track down. Also, I'm super glad that Alshon got a ring; he deserved so much better in Chicago.

  2. What a cool card, looks like it would make a great poster. I'm amazed that the Eagles won. Hell of a game.

  3. That patch card is crazy awesome!

  4. Bears uniforms make for some great patch cards.