Thursday, 1 February 2018

A Ranger Round-Up

Back to my COMC to-be-posted box, and this time, it is some Kitchener Rangers alum that will make an appearance. All 4 of them.
Oreskovich played a season and a half in Kitchener, and parts of three NHL seasons. 67 games, but only two cards for his professional career. I opted for this one over the /999 SP Authentic, because when the price is the same and you're buying the more interesting card, you might as well get the acetate one.
The remaining three cards stay tree to one of my favourtite methods of acquiring recent UD cards.

1) Wait for the e-pack
2) Wait for COMC to be flooded with the desired card
3) Get it for cheap

In addition to being a Rangers alum, I can also tie this into my Buffalo Bills PC, as he's the son of former Bill Carlton Bailey. He's even listed as being born in Buffalo.
As soon as I saw this card come out of packs, I knew I wanted it for my PC. Wait until Black Friday, and it only costs 28 pennies worth of COMC credit. A great photo that I'd probably want a card of anyhow.
Same thing here. A tender moment between Landeskog and Bernie the St. Bernard.

There you have it.

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