Thursday 9 February 2017

Quarter Box Chronicles - Day 3

Back into the swing of things. These next two will go in alphabetical order of the names they were uploaded with.
Not too bad of a rookie to grab for a quarter.
Sure, this is a fairly common photo for cards, but there aren't too many to choose from. But you get a black and white photo on a relatively modern card, along with a classic uniform for a sure keeper.
Another throwback uniform on a nice gold parallel. Not sure how necessary it was for this to be a horizontal card, though.
Another B&W photo, and this guy has an arena named after him!
A bunch of numbered cards that won't be going to 30$aWH for several reasons.

1) I was an idiot and didn't notice the numbering was higher than 1200.
2) I was an idiot and picked up two of the cards from the same quarter box (I picked the higher of the serial numbering to send at some point)
3) The number itself was a dupe
4) I like the design of the card and want to keep it

Other than the Pettinger, I'll leave it up to you to determine which card(s) go in which category
And a nice sketch of Steve Yzerman to end it.

Quarter bin chronicles end tomorrow!

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  1. Some art cards aren't very good. The Yzerman hits the mark. Very nice.