Monday 27 February 2017

4,000,000 Points and Counting

So, I might be a little bit addicted to doing COMC Challenges when time and availability allow for it:
Just a bit...

Which means this seems like a perfect chance to show off some random cards I've acquired through Challenge-earned credit.
I still don't have the original of the sombrero-clad Bip, This will more than suffice in its absence, though.
Because when I think of somebody with the last name of Chen, I immediately think of Panama.
Random cool photo #1!
Random cool photo #2!
Random Joe Carter!
And to end on even more randomness, not one, but two umpire cards! While it is interesting to add the HOFer card in Barlick, the back of the Sheridan gives a great biography.
So, the original chest protector was actually a hotel registry book? Awesome! Card backs rule!


  1. I'd never heard that story about the hotel guest book chest protector, that is too funny.

  2. Nice job piling up the points! I had a good time doing those challenges back when you didn't have to watch the site obsessively to see when they were available so I give you a ton of credit with sticking with it. They certainly make the reward worth it!