Saturday 4 February 2017


Guilt hits that moment when you buy a card with free shipping, but end up paying less than the cost of a stamp. So, I made this seller's auctions into a 5 for $2 bin and got a few more cards.
This was the card that started this. A gold parallel from Prime of Alshon Jeffrey for my 2/14 collection. This is my 51st Alshon card in that collection.
And joining it will be this Marian Gaborik card that I was certain I had before, but my zistle list told me otherwise.
In a card I picked up someone else, this card from a magazine of an Oregon alum will be bound for Cards on Cards at some point in the future.
Golden Alfie!
And you really can't go wrong throwing a Satchel Paige card on the pile.

I feel less guilty now.


  1. Satchel is one of my favorite non-Cubs to collect. I think it's because he had such a big personality.

  2. Great view of Brownie on Satch's sleeve.

    Is that the mascot's name? I know it's the name of the one for the football Browns, but not sure if Veeck ever gave the St. Louis one a name.