Saturday 18 February 2017

Happy National Hockey Card Day!

Nothing beats a free pack from the LCS, especially when you want to pick up some packs anyhow.
If someone told be I'd land two Habs cards, I wouldn't be surprised. If someone told me I'd land two Islanders cards from a 19 card set, I'd be stunned.
And since I picked up some OPC packs to go with it, here's the #16 bonus cards. It commemorates Auston's 4 goal NHL debut, but I must do the Sens thing and point out the Leafs still lost.

And since I got some OPC to resume the set build, here's the most interesting stuff from those packs:
Resume the set build!

1 comment:

  1. I'm assuming that Mathews is the only player in both the US NHCD set and the Canadian version.

    The Clutterbuck OPC is a cool looking card - even though I hate that guy.