Wednesday 15 February 2017

The Best Cards are Free Cards

I saw a really nice, semi-oddball card that I knew Shane @ Shoebox Legends would like, and grabbed it off ebay at a respectable price. As with some sellers, this one used some random base cards as additional padding. Even better, a couple of those fit in some of my PCs.
Such as not only a Joe Carter card, but one from 1987 Leaf in all its bilingual goodness.
Whether this makes a home in my Kitchener Rangers binder or my masks binder (the former is more likely), this John Gibson will find a nice place in one of the two.
And the rest! I'm happy to be able to use the Spezza tag again, but my fave here is the UD base card of Iginla. That's just because you have Zack Morris taking cover in the background, though.

Free cards are always fun!

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