Friday 7 February 2020

What is Wrong with Me?

I guess this signifies that I'm going for it.

That I'm going to try to complete the 196 card base set of 13-14 Rookie Anthology and paid way more than common sense should allow to add the big card from that set.

And I've added the 22 cards I still need to the wantlist on the side.

Although Barkov, Hertl and Tarasenko are on the list, I do have most of the bigger names either in my collection now, or as part of my latest COMC shipment.


  1. That will be an awesome set when completed. Good luck with the rest!

  2. I built 2002-03 SP Authentic NBA back before I had an ebay account. It's hard but it can be done...I look forward to seeing future posts about this quest!

  3. Best of luck with the set build. It's a good lucking set.