Wednesday 26 February 2020

2020 Adventures in Repacks: Part 9 - Cardboard in Plastic

Unsurprisingly, the hanger repacks that contain the occasional pre-Parkie weren't on the shelves any more. So I'll bust one of these instead.
The first one of these contained a visible '95 Donruss card, followed by 19 more. Here there was some variety as the Nemchinov card was visible, but there were 5 cards each from 4 sets as well. The Pacific was all Islanders, but at least the fisherman was gone by then.
Stadium Club wasn't all unique photos off the start. But I guess Paul MacDermid getting up is something different, if not necessarily flattering.
The MVP added a new mask binder card, a Rangers alum and a card bound for Ann Arbor to the haul.
And Collector's Choice? It was there.
But the gold parallel in the Score pack was a Senator.
Sorta Sens content on this card as well, as we've got a photo from the outdoor game played in Ottawa. And unlike Mark DeRosa, Gallagher is using the proper CFL ball.
We even have Sens involvement on the final insert/parallel from the packs, as Klimchuk is playing with the AHL's Belleville Senators at this point. So, if I fudge the rules a smidge, I can consider all 3 of these cards to be additions to the Sens collection.

There you have it!

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  1. The Gallagher card is cool. Reminds me of the 89UD Nolan Ryan card that was pretty popular back in the day.