Sunday, 23 March 2014

2014 Heritage Double Box Breaking - Part 5 of 6

Let's keep moving forward with the second box.
This was a pretty bland 1/3 of a box in terms of base cards. The standout was this beard-riffic Reddick. But, you don't buy Heritage for the photography, so I'm really not going to complain about this. Except for saying that I'll be shocked, nay appalled, if there isn't an Adam Lind card on the mark next year with similar beardiness.
No Blue Jays at all in this third, and the only Met card I needed was this. But, it is definitely one I'm happy to get out of the way and not have to buy or trade for.
SP content. Three of the 4 are dupes, and only the King Felix is one I needed. Josh is already marked for trade, and the others might be out the door soon as well. 1/4 isn't good, but it is still better than I did in the last 1/3 of the box.
Shiny Matt Moore!
Refractor-y Nelson Cruz.

And there goes another 1/3 of the box. I'll see if I can do the final portion of the box tonight, so I can get back to the joy of repacks.


  1. Reddick = Card of the Year candidate?

    1. I think Munenori Kawasaki will give Reddick a run for his money in that contest.