Wednesday 5 October 2022

Starting a Trade Stack - A Big Start

 It has worked out for other bloggers who want damage done to their wantlists, notably Nachos Grande - and I'm more than willing to steal a good idea. So, I'm doing the trade stack thing. 

If you have one of the cards on any of my wantlists, I'll trade the contents of the stack to you, in return for a single card (or sticker) from those lists. I'll throw cards onto the stack at intervals of my choosing (whenever I feel like it).

First card on the pile:

2014 Panini Golden Age - Haystacks Calhoun

Want it?

1. You make a comment on the most recent post of the trade stack staking your claim, and say what you're sending. (That's this one!)
2. You send me an e-mail providing your address.
3. I reply, giving you my address.
4. We each drop a PWE in the mail containing the promised card(s).
5. You're shipping to Canada, so remember that!

There you have it!

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