Sunday 9 October 2022

Elite Bills

More group break stuff here on the blog, and the goodies out of a case of Elite. 

Here's your base cards. A solid 3, and exactly what I'd expect in terms of a design for Elite. Foil, but not abrasively shiny.

I managed to land 2 of the /999 rookies out of this, out of the 4. Wydermyer ends up being an odd member of the Bills checklist, as he was cut during the pre-season. The last time I looked, he was on the Patriots practice squad.
Parallels! Redness! And there is a little bit of team colour in them. 
Yeah, there's inserts as well. Here's a couple making their annual return to the set. 
Of course those inserts have parallels.
And here's the only parallel for the Bills  that I got that wasn't a red one. It's the orange one.
OK. If I'd only landed one of these, I couldn't see myself chasing this insert set. But, getting two of them, and them being the first and last letter makes it so I almost have to finish this. Despite there being only 349 (and there's parallels as well) of the base version, I want both the Ls and the E. And then to put them on display.
But I  did get an autograph. James Cook is certainly a contender for having the worst-looking autograph out of the 2022 rookie class, but it is still an auto, and my first auto of the 2022 season. And it is on-card, for what it is worth. You gotta start somewhere when it comes to acquiring autos of their draft picks.

Please, please don't send me any autos of the Punt God, though. Ick,

There you have it!

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  1. Nice Bills additions to your collection.

    I like the fact that the letters have different images on each card.