Monday 3 October 2022

Mailbag! Misc. Baseball

 The final portion of the TMV mailer hits several of my baseball collections.

Will some shiny Mets card take the sting off from the miserable weekend the Mets just had in Atlanta? Nope! But these are still some nice cards! Pacific naturally provides the most abrasively great of this lot.
The Jays only got 3 cards but this is still quality stuff. Surprisingly, it is 1994 Fleer, and not the 1995 release that provided that Hitting Machines insert. They're just helping you get ready for the next year's releases.
Whether it is the Expos binder or the Vladdy binder these go to, these were also new to me.
It may feature the two players from teams I collect, but since the relic is Jose Vidro's, this one is an Expos card - at least when it comes to storage.  
My Canadians in MLB collection was not forgotten about either, as the mailer is going to wrap up with the pride of Navan, Ontario. And it also resumes the shininess theme that started this post. Like a bland, but still pasty sandwich with expensive artisanal bread.  

Thanks again for all these goodies, Dennis! 

There you have it!


  1. I worked with Erik's mother for a couple of years, but never got a chance to meet him.

    Sadly, I didn't put two and two together until she joined a baseball conversation I was having with a friend shortly before she retired. The both seemed surprised that I didn't know. But Bedard is a fairly common last name in Ottawa.

  2. Dennis is a good guy, great cards!