Saturday 22 October 2022

2022 Score Box Break - Part 2 - Inserts

Each pack of 40 contained either 4 or 5 inserts. All these insert sets were exclusive to hobby packs, and there are also retail exclusive inserts  as well.  If I find some on the shelves here, I'll probably try a few, if for no other reason than to help knock some off the wantlist.

I landed between 5 and 7 of the cards from the sets I'm showing off today. While the photography was pretty bland in the base set, at least this one does allow for some nice shots. This one does show off how narrow the line can be between a touchdown and being out-of-bounds, even if that isn't too consistent throughout.
Your standard rookie insert. Breece Hall has lived up to being in this insert set so far this season. This isn't as true throughout the set, as it also includes Jalen Wydermyer, who is already on his third team. 
Even it means a new Josh Allen appearance in the collection, I could still do without Fantasy themed inserts. 
While these aren't photographic gems, I love how these give a slight flashback to the 'team photo' cards of the past, and also allow for players that don't make too many appearances on cards, if any, to get their cardboard glory. Such as a lot of the members of the Eagles defense seen in this photo. I just wish they were listed on the back and I didn't have to cross-reference the numbers to find out that this is likely Andre Chachere's (#21) first card appearance.
Here's another returning insert set from last year. It wasn't super interesting then, and isn't this year with a smaller broken-through area for the player.
One final insert, another rookie-themed one. This one will be bound for Portland in a soon-to-go-out mailer.
And this insert set also provided the lowest numbered card of the box, with this card of Washington Commanders' draft pick Sam Howell. Even if Taylor Heinicke ranks over him on the depth chart at this point, I won't complain about landing any rookie QB card. Not only is this a first-card stamped ebay 1/1, it is a jersey number 1/1 since 1+6 = 7 and it's just math! 

Just the autographs left to show off next post!

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  1. Congratulations on that low #'d Howell pull! Hope he ends up becoming a stud for the Commanders.

    As for the rest of the stuff... I'm not a huge fan of these modern Panini inserts. They kind of remind me of mid 90's Fleer inserts (boring and overproduced). Out of all of these, the Squad insert is the only one that caught my eye.