Saturday 15 October 2022

2022 Adventures in Repacks - Part 35 - Hoops with a Hit


One of these is today's repack.

Here's a better look at the opener.  With a lengthy name like that, he's allowed to get away with initials-only on his autographed cards. 
Here's the first group of cards. That 'rejected' photo isn't a motif you see much of on cards, especially from that angle. That Human Highlight Film is one of the greatest drawn cards ever. I know I've shown it off before, but it is so marvelous, it needs multiple show-offs.
Any repack with a 1981 card is automatically a great one. Even better, it features relocated team mojo with it being a card of the San Diego Clippers. Does the Marcus Smart card count as a Celtics card at this point? Yes. My collection. My rules. 
And the hit isn't just a jersey card or an autographed card, but both. Sweetney was a lottery draft pick, but issues, mainly weight-related limited his career. But a hit is a hit! 
No more 1981s in this one. Boo. 
And your finale.

Perfectly average repack, but it really needed that '81 to get to that 'average' ranking.

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