Saturday 1 October 2022

2022 Adventures in Repacks - Part 32 - Hanger With A Hit


Back to my repack box, and here's what I found this time. I hadn't heard of this player on the front, but that's because he was undrafted, and his only appearances on cardboard were in this Sage release. He's last been seen on the roster of the Edmonton Elks. Obscurity is always an interesting start!

That's a far more direct CFL card than the opener. And it is for the perfect team as well! I do find getting not only one, but two 'traded' cards in this space an interesting bit of collation. The Sherrard is easily wins the battle, though, thanks to the infield dirt making a cameo.
That's a nice celebratory photo on the Larry Johnson. It is sad to watch his mental decline into conspiracy-land. The bottom has a trio of Arizona cards, with a pair of Cardinals and a Wildcat. With a name like Scooby Wright on the card, the final one is my favourite both among the Arizona cards and this group of 7.
Here's your hit. The card is rather thick, and I could see some pack searcher type thinking it was a relic. But since I had this shipped directly to me, that's moot. Sensabaugh had a decent career through 2019, so this a perfectly fine hit.
Another batch of cards. The Dante Jones is pretty great, with the wider angle on the photo allowing for it to show the ball in the air on the sack. That's probably my favourite one in the repack just for that. Tai Streets will join the Grbac is a future Ann Arbor bound mailer.
For some interesting collation, both the opener and the final card was a collegiate one. I'm not too crazy about the first name on top with the last one on the bottom, but this simple SPA design still looks better than the recent SPA hockey releases. 

There you have it!

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