Thursday 27 October 2022

2/14 Baseball

 Off to ye Olde To-Be-Posted box, and a few new cards for the 2/14 binders!

When a Blue Jays card finally matched up with the 2/14 collection, I couldn't wait to add these Tyler Clippards into it. So, why did I stop with only the base card when there were so many parallels to chase down? I did the same thing with hits Mets cards, but in that case, there was already some Kelly Stinnett content representing them,
Here's another numbered parallel, complete with a badly photoshopped Rockies jersey. He's still working his way through the minors, and has spent the past 2 seasons mostly with their affiliate in Spokane. 
Much like with the parallels of Clippard with Toronto, it took me too long to add this Heritage High Numbers card of Ryan McKenna to the collection. Although Ryan made appearances in more games this season than in his rookie year, he also made fewer plate appearances. So, it isn't too surprising he hasn't made any official appearances this year in Topps' packs. But he was one of three players featured on their team card.
Shiny trophy! Despite that, he was waived by the White Sox this past season, claimed by the Giants, and has since been released. There will always be the greatness of 2021, though! 
One thing I do find interesting about the names in this collection is that when I look through TCDB, there were 3 baseball players who received cards with the last name of Crabbe. 2 of them, Bruce and Callix, were born on 2/14. It is oddness like this that makes the collection fun!
And if you're looking for some lengthy reading, here's the back of his 2015 card!

There you have it!

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