Wednesday 29 September 2021

New Names. New Faces.

 A whole bunch of new names make their way into the 2/14 binders!

I love adding CFL cards to my collection, and I love adding vintage cards to my collection. So, I'll lead with one that hits both those sweet spots. All the way from 1961 comes this beauty. Interestingly, Charles had a twin brother who also played in the CFL. Sadly, there were no cards featuring him, which would have made a really interesting addition to the collection.
Here's the second CFL card, coming from 2003, and a sparsely-attended game in Hamilton. The Tiger-Cats, for much of that decade, were dreadful, so it isn't surprising that Wayne Shaw and his Alouettes (Hey, both Montreal cards!) were not a draw.
Does a tiny picture on a coach card qualify to add a Red Hickey appearance in the set? When it is the only option, it sure does!
I know practically nothing about the other football, so all I know is these players were good enough to receive cards. And if you have more than one inexpensive card, I might as well pick up both of 'em!
A sleazy 70s 'stache! Yes, please!
Does a playing card from a set of country music stars count for the collection? When it is the only option, it sure does! Sadly, Bailey passed away this past August.
Stefanie Gilbreath becomes on the handful of members of the ladies portion of the collection. While she never reached the WNBA and an opportunity for more cards, it looks like she's doing pretty well for herself. And given the sparsity of the basketball content in the binder, I'm always happy to add a new face there.
A Wild West showman is definitely one of the more obscure careers for the collection, but it still counts! The vintage card is from 1949, with the vintage look card is from 2009 Topps Mayo, which felt like an attempt to bring the A&G look to football. 
While Pawnee Bill, born in 1860, is one of the older members of the collection, here's one of the youngest (born 2002). Hunter was a third round pick of Tampa, and made appearances in 2020 Bowman draft and Panini Elite, among others.
And since an autograph of a 3rd round pitcher drafted by Tampa doesn't carry that intimidating a price tag,  I might as well throw one of these into the shipment as well!

There you have it!

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  1. Your birthday collection runs deep. I love the celebrities and non-athletes.