Saturday 25 September 2021

2021 Adventures in Repacks Part 40 - Generic 20 card Hanger

 Exactly what it says in the title. 

One of these, to be more specific.

You've seen the leading card (was it really all the way back in 2017 that he was drafted?), so what's behind it?
Thomas might be the best personification of short-term stops over a career. 8 teams, with 6 of them being partial seasons. That Jerome Kersey is from one of the early incarnations of Topps Archives from 1992. Instead of using designs from miscellaneous years, they just adapted the baseball design to the player's rookie year. And there's also a guy named Bubba!
I'm not sure how many players in NBA history have had a first name that started with Q, since the pictured Quinn Cook isn't on this list of 10, but the odds of landing 2 cards of them within 3 cards of a repack has to have pretty long odds. 
Lots of repeated sets in the final grouping, with only the Lavine and Curry representing previously unseen releases. But there is a second Archives card in the mix, so I'm not complaining. And this also makes it two more base cards bound for Ann Arbor at some point. 
A nice backboard photo to end this. 

You know it is a solid repack when the junk wax era stuff produces the most interesting cards in the group.


  1. I'm going with the Anthony Mason vs Scottie Pippen card.

    The Waiters does have a nice photo though.

  2. The 1992-93 Topps Archives basketball set was pretty cool. I like how they used the Topps baseball card design from their draft year. Pretty creative.

  3. I'm impressed by the Q quotient of this repack.