Monday 25 January 2021

The Maple Leaf Forever

So the Bills game didn't go quite as I'd hoped, but deep down, I'll admit it went as I expected. But let's lead into something I didn't expect yesterday - my latest COMC package's arrival. On a Sunday?

There were about 60 set builders in the package for 19-20 O-Pee-Chee and another 20 for 06-07 Parkhurst that I won't bother posting, other than maybe a One Card Only post of the Dick Irvin from the latter. But at least I've got a some 2/14 content, Raptors content, Bills content, e-pack content and more for future posts. And there was a little Blue Jays content too!
I'm probably understating the term 'content' when I show this beauty off. What a patch! It is always a gorgeous relic card when the material is too big for the window. The slight mix of uniform and patch on this card makes it seem it comes from the front logo on their white jerseys. This is listed as a player-worn item, but if I could pick a portion of the Jays jersey I'd want on a high end card, this would be my choice, except maybe a portion of the eye on the Jay. Throw in some pretty respectable penmanship, and you've got a really nice card. 
From a pretty common jersey in terms of card appearances, to a couple non-so-common ones. The reds made regular appearances on Canada Day or during the 2017 season, but those Chatham Colored All-Star ones only made a couple appearances in the early 00s. I'm legit surprised there was more than 1 card out there with them, but I won't complain about there being more than 1 option. My fave former Jay, Carlos Delgado, already makes an appearance in his collection with these, so I'm happy to welcome a couple into my regular Jays collection.

There you have it!

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  1. Sweet patch! That thing is gigantic... and gorgeous.