Monday 18 January 2021



Oh sure, some might consider this an opportunity to show a picture of Mischief at 6 months old, but there were a couple cards featuring Airedales in my latest COMC shipment, so I'm just going to show off her picture (and her side-eye for taking a photo of her and her teddy) along with those.

While this 30s cigarette card isn't officially an Airedale card, those puppy colours are unmistakable. More so because there's also this in this set, and it goes perfectly alongside it in my collection.

This manufactured patch is far more obvious an Airedale card. And just as welcome in my collection. A card so adorable, I could scratch its chin. 

But that could make Mischief jealous.


  1. Replies
    1. I was going to say the same thing. And I really like that Goodwin Champions manufactured patch set. Very cool cards.

  2. Puppies with stuffed animals always make for good pictures.