Tuesday 19 January 2021

Help A Brother Out!

 I think I'm finally coming down of the high of the Bills playoff victory last weekend, enough so that I went to Panini's site to see if they had a card available commemorating the Taron Johnson 101-yard Pick 6 in the game. They did, and his position alongside Josh Allen's elated leap in the background made it a perfect card for the collection. 

I was all set to order it.

And then my cheapest shipping option was $27 Canadian.


So, do one of my stateside trading partners want to help me out of this shipping pickle by picking up a card for a future trade?


  1. I'm your huckleberry...
    Happy to grab it for you if you send me the link or whatever, and I can see about including it in your trade package since I'm STILL waiting on an eBay purchase from late December.

  2. Had the same issue with the Taylor Heinicke from the Washington game, shipping I found was over $70.00. Hopefully one pops up on COMC. Also, Go Bills, of the teams left, they are by far the least annoying.

  3. $27 shipped?? That's insane