Tuesday 25 September 2012

Most depressing $1 pack imaginable

It really should have been an omen. I elected to grab a pack last night because a really nice Rich Peverly 2011-12 Pinnacle card on the front. On the back, was a Pelle Lindbergh card from the Between the Pipes set. I wasn't really interested in the latter, except to serve as yet another example of why you aren't supposed to drink and drive.

The Pelle card should have set me up for what was coming up in the pack.

Cards for three of the victims of the Lokomotiv plane crash. And all within a span of 15 cards in a repack.
I really have no words to describe the feeling of finding these cards all in the same pack.

And there was also a Bob Probert card in the pack. That's a 33 percent mortality rate on players from the 80s on. There were a couple mid 90s prospect cards for guys that never panned out, and I was too worried to google them thinking they'd up the percentage.

Comprehending mortality sucks.

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