Wednesday 12 September 2012

A rare A&G pack break for me

I took my lunch break to make my weekly trip over to the card store for a few packs of OPC hockey (Nicest card today - a retro Tyler Seguin, a rare time when the most valuable card in the set is also my favourite of the pack(s)). I saw some A&G and decided to splurge on a pack.

Let's see:

#12 - Bryce Harper - Nationals
#41 - Clayton Kershaw - Dodgers
#73 - Jordan Zimmerman - Nationals
#113 - Meadowlark Lemon - Globetrotters(!)
#125 - Ben Revere - Twins
#165 - Alex Avila - Tigers
#327 - Jon Lester (mini) - Red Sox
WIN12 - Minni Minoso - White Sox

The Harper is the reason I always try to have a hard toploader in my desk - just in case I come across a keeper (which I thought would be the Seguin). Those Lemon and Minoso cards are really sweet as well and definitely candidates for the ol' permanent binder as well.

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