Saturday, 22 September 2012

Box breaks - Dollar store style!

Who says one needs to shell out a lot of coin to break a box of cards? I can hit the dollar store and break a box for only $2.00. How? The past little while, I've noticed these showing up in the Dollarama.

I finally elected to take the plunge on one of the hockey surprise boxes today. I will say I was pleased with my finds. Firstly, there was a 100 count package of sleeves. Considering most times I'll pay $2.00 for 100 sleeves anyhow, that's already a great deal. Then there were the cards. There's apparently a random mix of cards in them. I got a pack of 90-91 Pro Set French,  a smaller pack with 4 cards from the 80's, and another one that promised 4 cards with a total book value of $5.00. Let's check some of these out.

I headed off to COMC to check out to see if the book value of the cards was anywhere close to $5.00, and apparently, the Lehtonen card alone lists for $5.00, although it was selling for $2.00. So much for my skepticism there. As for the others, I got a HOFer in Smith, a very likely one in Hasek, a likely one in Thornton and another one with a shot in Lindros. I always liked the mid 80s Blues jerseys, and I'm a sucker for cards of the last unhelmeted players.

That was actually a lot of fun. I've got to do this again.

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