Saturday, 29 September 2012

Best surprise box so far!

Those $2.00 hockey surprise boxes are addictive. Really addictive. Addictive enough that I made a trip to one especially to pick up a couple. The first contained a couple nice cards, most notably a "Biography of a Season" Tyler Seguin, along with a pack of 08-09 Upper Decks, that had a Rick Nash, Joe Thornton, along with a choice reserve Mikko Koivu. Nice stuff.

The second pack included a bag with 4 hard top loaders. An OK start. There was also a pack containing 4 goalie cards, a pack of 03-04 Victory and a jersey card pack. Even if the latter turns out to be a guy with barely a cup of coffee in the NHL, I've got my money's worth. As a fan of masks and their artwork, I started with the goalies mask. The Bowman Mark Fitzpatrick was a dud, and Niemi's is pretty bland, but the shot of Rinne's is nice:

I went for the Victory pack next. Hey, both Hossa brothers and Olaf Kolzig's Godzilla mask in the same pack? Great!

Now, let's see who the jersey card is. Jock Callander? David Vyborny? Nope.
Hey. It's actually a guy who had a pretty good career in the bigs. His goal ended the longest playoff game since the 1930s, scoring at 92:01 to beat Pittsburgh. That's actually a pretty nice find. One last look through the loot.

Wait a second. That one victory card looks a little different.

Hey! A silver parallel numbered out of 50. Sweet! Do I care that it isn't a superstar? Not one bit. Strangely it came out of the package with a dinged corner, but I really don't mind it that much. It's the first time I've pulled anything numbered out of X out of a dollar store pack.

A good morning to stop in for a quick fix.

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  1. Picked up a few of the $2.00 surprise boxes myself--I'm finding that a lot of them have the seal broken though you can check out my blog at