Saturday 15 September 2012

An intentional Leafs Dollarama purchase

What could get a Senators-loving, Leafs-hating fan like myself to shell out $1.00 + HST for a repack of 15 cards, with a Maple Leaf visible in the front of the pack?

Yes. This will. An Upper Deck Masterpieces card, no matter the team, will make me consider the purchase. A Masterpieces card of a man who has scored one of the most famous goals in hockey, and who has been immortalized both in hockey lore and a Tragically Hip song? One of the most Canadian songs ever?  Most certainly. The only way this could have been a more Canadian is if some Neil Young was playing when I made the purchase.

I stole this from a hockey card, I keep tucked up under...

Cards like this are why I love the dollar store bags.

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