Tuesday 24 June 2014

COMC Challenge Cards Part 29: The Joy of a Completed Frankenset

Back to my COMC cards, as my third envelope of goodies courtesy of the COMC challenges showed up today. The highlights of this package included a pile of set builders for Heritage, which I won't bore you with, and a pair of Mets autographs from last year's Archives set.

With the addition of the Orosco and Darling autos (Maurice!), I've now got a complete set of autographs from the Mets contingent in the insert set. I really like that they're both on 1986 designs, appropriate for both the team and a Fan Favorites subset. And that there are no numbered parallels like this year to slightly dull the pleasure of the completion.
And, I'll highlight the back of the Orosco to show a third card that arrived in the bubble envelope.
This just seemed like a fun addition after seeing it posted at This Way To The Clubhouse. And I didn't even notice that the 86 Orosco and its 2013 version mentioned Piersall's backwards home run trot until the package arrived.

And now, I still have about 120 cards in my COMC Challenge box. With 31 currently in inventory and about $36.00 of credit. I should be posting COMC Challenge cards well into fall. And probably 2015.


  1. I may dislike recent Topps, but I do like those Archives autos, and that's a great Frankenset!

  2. Awesome stuff, I got all the Red Sox but there were only four of them. Looks great all together!

  3. Glad you were able to finish the set. Looks great!