Sunday 15 June 2014

Mailbag Clearout: Sportscard Mask-a-Rade

A simple two card trade post. One for my Jays collection, and one for the Heritage set build.
Let's start with the former, and someone making his debut among the hits. Reed Johnson was another guy who was very popular during his Toronto Blue Jays run, and is someone who you'd expect to see show up as a Fan Favorite autograph assuming Topps is still producing Archives in a bout 10-12 years. While he did perform on the field, his popularity might have been more for the intangibles. Think Munenori Kawasaki.
And I'm not too sure if this one is the biggest name I still needed in terms of potential cost (Jose Fernandez, Joey Votto and Stephen Strasburg are others), but I'm happy to get another one off my list. 13 left to go!

Thanks for the trade, and a source now for all the extra St. Louis Blues cards I come across.

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