Saturday 21 June 2014

6-21 Flea Market Finds

I didn't have too much available time this Saturday morning, but I still had time to head off to the flea market to grab a few things. Blackberries. Corn. And, of course, cards.

Firstly, although this specific card wasn't on my wantlist, this mask was. This photo has made several appearances on ITG cards, but I had yet to add one to my collection. It is definitely a memorable mask. and one of the classics from the 80s. It makes an appearance as well in the 84-85 OPC/Topps set, but I'll take this one for the close-up.
As well as the story of the mask on the back of the card.
With the World Cup on, it seems that every third non-food booth had something related to it for sale. Mostly jerseys that look like they'd come apart in a stiff breeze. The WC stuff continued with the cards, as I looked to add some soccer to the 2/14 binder. I knew of two players that had cards in the Prizm set, and I was able to snag base cards of both of them. These are my 4th soccer entries into the binder. Unfortunately, he didn't have any of the stickers, so the soccer total remains at 4. Both players have stickers as well, along with previous 2010 sticker entry Philippe Senderos of Switzerland.

I went on, and picked up a repack that contained some 1995 Action Packed.
This was the visible card. If the visible card is one of my favourite players, and it is a new card, anything beyond that is gravy. In this case, a visible Bruce Smith card was the purchase guarantee. Even if the photo isn't as Action Packed as the brand name would indicate.
And here is the gravy in the repack with an appearance of the Chargers throwbacks.

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