Wednesday 18 June 2014

Just One Pack - 2013-14 SP Authentic

I was at the LCS today with no idea what to purchase. That's always dangerous.  I decided to sample some of the new Score football, and was completely bored by it. I'll post the goodies from the few packs I'll get at some point. But, SP Authentic 13-14 also dropped today. Maybe this will be better.
5 cards per pack. Or, in my case, 5 cards and an insanely thick blocker/dummy card. After watching a few box breaks, it looks like all the packs that don't have relics have blocker cards that could break your toe if they fell on your foot.
Starting with a base card. And it is yet another set where the name of the card is foil and illegible in the scan. It is Derek Roy, and it is another base card for my Kitchener Rangers alumni collection.
His time in town is even covered on the back of the card. You've also got your standard re-used photo as well.
Any time you pull a hit it is worthy of a WOO-HOO, even though I won't deceive anybody into pretending I'm familiar with Filip Forsberg. It's the Nashville thing, probably. Filip has spent most of the past two seasons in the AHL, but he's only 19, so I'm not going to complain about pulling an auto of his. On-card too! Although I couldn't parse that signature on a bet.
A Josh Harding is next. It's not the best view, but this might still make it into the mask binder.
Carl Hagelin. It is like I can't bust any hockey product without finding at least one Wolverine alum that gets put aside for TMM.
And to wrap it up, Brayden Schenn. The most legible of the base cards for reading the player's name.

So, 5 cards. 1 auto. 1 definite PC collection. 1 trade bait. 1 likely PC collection card. And poor Brayden Schenn.
But I did add another new Alfie to my collection courtesy of the quarter bin. And fresh Alfredsson cards always make it a worthwhile trip.

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